Ryan Anderson

Work Experience

May 2006 - January 2021 Google

Staff Site Reliability Engineer

  • Tech Lead for Gmail SRE
  • Tech Lead for Traffic SRE
  • YouTube Metadata SRE
  • Long-time member of the top-level technical IRT team
September 1999 - April 2006 AutoWeb Communications, Inc.

Web Application Development as a Senior Software Engineer

Duties included:

  • Programming in C, C++ and Perl on AIX, Linux and Solaris.
  • Leading a team of 3-5 developers.
  • Architecting a scalable application framework.
  • Management of source code management tools (CVS and BitKeeper)
  • Managing the rollout, installation and update process.
  • Configuration and maintenance of DNS (BIND8)
  • Configuration and maintenance of email (Exim3/4)
  • Database design, installation and maintenance (PostgreSQL 7)

Major Accomplishments:

  • Converted a clumsy compilation environment into an easily understood non-recursive Makefile system, with partially auto-generated dependencies.
  • Redesigned the existing application model into a database driven, mod_perl based system that has plans for scalability built in.
  • Implemented source code version control
  • Implemented package based software installation, as well as a local "Apt" repository for delivery of software.
  • Instituted both design and code reviews.
  • Use of virtualization technology (User Mode Linux) as a test bed for software updates.

September 1998 - September 1999 ASG Renaissance
Assigned to DaimlerChrysler

Duties Included:

  • Provided Unix (AIX and IRIX) support for suppliers using software developed and/or customized by DaimlerChrysler for CAD data transfer.
  • Maintained supplier-related websites
  • Participated in training of Business Partners.

May 1997-August 1998 Wayne State University - College of Urban, Labor, and Metropolitan Affairs

Student Network Administrator

Duties Included:

  • Installed and managed Netware 4.10, with both Macintosh and Windows clients.
  • Client support of Windows 95, Macintosh System 7.x and 8.0, and Windows NT 4 (server and workstation).
  • TCP/IP configuration and installation on all platforms, as well as IPX connections to the Netware server.
  • Administered a Macintosh AppleShare server.

January 1996 - December 2000 IMS Online


Duties (and services) Provided:

  • Web site hosting, development and administration
  • Developing and supporting web sites for clients
  • Administering Apache, and MS Frontpage Extensions in a Sun Solaris environment (2.5 and 2.6). Later, on GNU/Linux (Debian).
  • User and file-system maintenance, as well as application installation. (gcc, ssh, apache, procmail)

September 1996 - May 1997 Wayne State University - Electrical and Computer Engineering

Computer Technician

Duties included:

  • Printer repair
  • Computer setup and repair
  • Some Solaris and SunOS work
  • Some Macintosh repair.
  • Windows 95 and Windows NT administration.

November 1994 - September 1996 Aon Consulting (formerly HRStrategies)

Computer support Intern

Duties Included:

  • Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 installation and support.
  • Minor Macintosh support.
  • Novell Netware 3.11, 3.12 and 4.0 installation, configuration and support.
  • Arcserve 5.1g and 6.0 installation and administration.

November 1992 - November 1994 CompUSA

Cashier and Corporate Sales Clerk

September 1993 - May 1994 Warren Consolidated Schools

Computer Lab Assistant


1994-May 1998 Wayne State University, Detroit Michigan
Bachelors of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science. Graduated Magna Cum Laude.
1991-1994 Sterling Heights High School and the Macomb Mathematics, Science and Technology Center
Courses heavily involved in science related fields.

Free and Open Source Software Development

April 2005 - Present

Git - Source code Manager

Contributions include:

  • Debian packaging
  • Small tools ("git rename", "git send-email") for use by large-scale project administrators or subsystem maintainers.
  • A "SYNOPSIS" or "Release notes for 1.0" (which has yet to be released at this writing.

Other Accomplishments

May 1998 Received the Katherine J. McDonald award in Mathematics from Wayne State University
May 1998 Inducted into the Phi Beta Kappa Society
May 1996 Inducted into the Golden Key National Honor Society
1990-1998 Mythical Productions BBS
Owner and administrator of Mythical Productions, a free, public electronic bulletin board system. At times, a member of various international networks of computers interested in computer technology.
1987-Present Licensed Amateur Radio Operator - Technician Plus